AP Life (Aware and Prepared for LIFE Beyond the Classroom) is an experimental 8-week tutoring program I developed to see if Personal Development should be part of the high school curriculum.

Charlie Brown:

Note-taking is one of the most critical aspects of any learning process. I’ve found this to be especially true throughout my entire coding bootcamp experience here at the Flatiron School, where I’ve noticed how the same information can be processed so differently from one student to the next.

These differences…

The ‘Like’ Button

As someone who doesn’t use social media apps too often, one of the most common things I do when I on them is click the ‘like’ button. …

“See, Saw.”

During the early stages of Flatiron School’s Software Engineering program, students learn an effective problem-solving technique, called the ‘see-saw’ approach.

In December 1995, the Hubble Space Telescope captured this image:

To describe it as breathtaking would be an understatement when we look beyond its perceivable beauty. When astronomers saw it for the first time, they knew they were looking at more than just a bunch of colorful spirals. They were…

Julian Pormentilla


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